In Web Users Shoes


Q1: How Can I Scribble as a web user?

A1: You can use the SCRIBBLE BOARD, the first Web Tasker (vs Web Browser). (In the future, web users can scribble by text and by voice).


#1: Select a BOTbit (aka “Action-Bit for your web roBOT”, aka action-representation of resource)

#2: Set the Action Bit of the BOTbit chosen

#3. optionally Set Conditions and/or Next Action if applicable

Scribble on IISE is the first implementation of Web Tasking. Getting you ready:

Q2: How to Set Up My Social Contacts and Social Relationships for “Notify” & “Share”?

A2: SOcial Relationships As A Service (SORaaS) is a key component in IISE to enable “Notify” & “Share” by relationships.

SORaaS three steps:

#1. List all URLs of your social platforms

#2. Consolidate and reconcile duplicates

#3. Assert Relationships

Then you are set to go!

CAST:  Amar Agrawal, Jay Yu, Hassan Ali, Katie Lo


SCRIPT: Joanna Ng

EDITS:Diana Lau

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